At least when we were in a vicious cycle, I knew where I was and where you were, all the time.

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You demanded me to leave and, as I stepped away, you ran after me and grabbed my hand. You said I meant nothing, and then, you said you didn't mean what you were saying. You told me you hated me, but later you confessed that you've missed me. Well, I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, and, sometimes, you make me feel so ridiculous. I mean, look at us: always running around in circles, as we grow apart. Can't we just stop now? I'm too tired to keep on fighting and holding on. I'm too tired of contradictions and controversy. I would do anything for you, you see. If you ask me to go, I'll go. I won't even look back... But let me tell you something: I might let this feeling I have for you go... But I will never, ever let YOU go. (...) I don't care about love anymore, can't you see? I just wanna have you here; I just wanna be there, again. Having a bit of you is better than nothing at all, I think. The only certain I have here is: I don't wanna lose you.

I don't know what to do,
So I'll just do nothing

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