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I'm going to tell you all a secret about true love.
True love doesn't have a happy ending - ever -, because true love never really ends. Saying "let it go" to the person you love, it's just an "easier" way of saying "I love you too much to hurt you more". And then everything falls apart, except the most important thing of all: the feeling itself. Time passes by, the wounds heal in their own way, but the feeling remains on the inside - awake or asleep, it doesn't matter. It's there and it will always be. You can deny it or pretend it doesn't exist anymore, but you know what? That would be a complete bullshit and you would be just wasting precious time of your life fooling yourself. Because true love never really ends. Never. That kind of sucks, right? And that's the thing about true love: it can fuck you over as much as possible, making you feel like a huge crap with no hope or joy at all, BUT it can also give you the most unforgettable, indescribable and best moments of your entire life.
But still… Don't delude yourself into thinking you'll be with that same person forever.

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