the box of the old unread letters

Dear Drew Creek,
You've been gone for so long. But I haven't forgot a single thing about your face; I haven't forgot what I used to feel every time you touched me; how your voice sounded - ever so deep and calm, like the Summer sea; how you used to look at me, with those bright brown eyes of yours - just like the Autumn sun. Yes, I still remember it all. People keep asking me if I still love you. And I tell them the truth. I don't love you anymore, but I miss you in a way almost unbearable. Days pass by and I keep asking myself if you'll ever gonna come back home. You once promised me you would never leave, no matter what. Oh well, I forgive you for having broken that promise. Because promises are just words, right? Actions are the ones that really count. And as I always say: when the acts contradict the words, words don't serve me as much. Anyways. I'm writing just to let you know… I'm still here. Yes, I know I said I wouldn't be waiting. Not again...

Guess what? I've lied.  
It wouldn't be the first time, right? 

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