Não me sinto em queda por ti; fazes-me flutuar.

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Let's just be birds together, and fly away. Keep flying beside me, okay? I have a feeling that a great journey is ahead of us both. We shall never look back in fear: we must keep going forwards and upwards, like we've never done before. Can you feel the rush, and the freedom in both of our hearts, beating simultaneously, at the same speed as the flapping of our wings? You're different from all the others, because you're not a fish like they were: a fish that takes me to sink in a deep ocean, ignoring the fact that I could lose my breath and drown. You, on the other hand, gave me wings and taught me how to fly. I'm still learning; I'm not used to it yet. But you know what? I'm loving every single second of it.

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  1. Amo amo amo.






Eu tenho um sonho. Um sonho que realizo todos os dias: escrever. Agora, também tenho um objectivo: ser escritora. Quiçá, um dia terei o meu nome em capas duras, espalhadas por prateleiras. Até à obra nascer, hei-de sonhar. CONTACTO: imdanierose@gmail.com